Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Mice In My Hair"

photo by rosie hardy,  poem by gigi ann
I dropped my head of cabbage
It rolled right out the door
It frightened a cute little mouse
Who slid across the kitchen floor
The cat began to chase him
The dog just stood around
And watched that cute little mouse
Flitter out the open door 
It bounced onto the ground
Beside my head of cabbage
That kept rolling 'round and 'round!
While the rest of those cute little mice
Found my head to curl around.


dustus said...

Cute tail, I mean tale. hehe Thanks for playing Gigi. Appreciate your past participation too and wish you a happy rest to the summer. adam

Heaven said...

A fun post though having mice in my hair (and that picture) frightens me..ha..ha...

happy Sunday~

Life in a Poem said...

i like what you've done with mice in your hair

Reflections said...

Love the light feel to this one... so many of us carry a burdened heart to see the finale... yet still there were doorways opened for those of us who shared here.

Brian Miller said...

i really can not imagine mice in my hair...even if i dont have a play thought the chase and all