Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Decembers Beauty"

photo and poem by gigi ann
Decembers Beauty
When the days are short
And the nights are long
When we can curl up by the fire
And read a good book, or sing a song.

Decembers Beauty
When snowflakes softly fall and 
Make not a sound
Beautifying all they touch and surround
While dancing on my windowsill and
Covering the trees with sparkling fairy dust.

Decembers Beauty
When the moon shines down casting its glow
Making my lawn shine like tiny diamonds glistening
While the man-in-the-moon casts his light down... 
 On all the beauty here below.
Decembers Beauty


Rose said...

A delightful poem. Thank you for reposting it. A lovely read :)

Rose said...

Merry Christmas Dear Ann may love and joy be amongst the gifts you give and receive this Christmas.